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Future projects

Bartis Attila’s play, “Depravity", will be staged for the first time in Romania by Mátyás Zsolt Imre, one of the most experienced members in our ensemble. Though this is not his first project as a director, the performance “Depravity" (original title „Romlás") represents Mátyás Zsolt Imre’s return to directing after having had a longer break. The direction is realist, following Bartis’ text, and the distribution consists of:  Nagy István (guest), Magyari Etelka (also director’s assistant), Tóth Eszter Nikolett, Kiss Attila and Molnos András Csaba.

Nagy István, actor at Targu Mureș, returns to Timisoara, where he had his debut after having graduated Faculty, playing the truly complex part of the photographer who is terminally ill and who falls in love with a younger woman.


Tóth Eszter Nikolett, who has recently joined the Csiky Gergely Hungarian State Theatre ensemble has, thus, has her debut in a very emotionally and physically demanding part. “Are you really a photographer or is this just your way of picking up women?” – this is how the stormy relationship between András and Ágnes starts.

The set design was created by Albert Alpár, the costumes by Szélyes Andrea from Targu Mures and the original music was composed by Bayer Sebastian. The opening date was on 27.11.2018 in the Studio Hall, and the next performances are on 30.11.2018 and on 4.12.2018. It is recommended for spectators aged 14 and older. The performance is simultaneously translated.

A different approach was chosen by the young director Csábi Anna who has directed the third performance at Csiky Gergely Theatre –  “Burundanga, or The Mask, The Basques and the Stuff", a coproduction with the Northern Theatre Harag György Company. The cast consists of: Lőrincz Rita and Csata Zsolt from Timișoara and Keresztes Ágnes, Orbán Zsolt and Rappert-Vencz Gábor from Satu Mare.

The text is still a contemporary one and it has been staged for the first time in Romania. It is a comedy written by the Catalan author Jordi Galceran and it is addressed mainly to young audiences. That is why the alternative space of the Manufactura Club (Splaiul T. Vladimirescu nr. 9) has been chosen for the performances in Timisoara. The plot of the text is represented by the moment a student finds out, by mistake, that her boyfriend is a member of the terrorist organisation ETA.

The set design was created by Albert Alpár and the original music was composed by Coada Constantin. The opening date in Satu Mare was on 23.11.2018, and in Timisoara on 28.11.2018 in Manufactura Club, and the next performances are on 29.11.2018. The performance is recommended for 14 or older, and it is simultaneously translated.

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