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Future projects

The performance „EXIT" will be presented in Brussels on April 24th and 25th following an invitation from the Fine Arts Center „Bozar". The show was coproduced by our theatre with the Ioan Slavici Classical Theatre in Arad and Sombor National Theatre in Serbia, it was fist presented in 2017 and already toured at several important festivals in Romania, Serbia and Hungary.

EXIT was included in the selection of the Balkan Trafik! Festival in Brussels due to its specific realization - it's an international coproduction performed in four different languages (Romanian, Hungarian, Serbian, English), directed by the famous Hungarian director Schilling Árpád. The 13th edition of Balkan Trafik! will present the culture of South-Eastern Europe, in an attempt to deconstruct stereotypes related to the culture of Balkan countries. EXIT deals with cultural differences starting from a simple situation: 12 migrants arrive in London and they are being kept isolated in an abandoned building. How different are Serbs, Hungarians and Romanian, what common language can they find in a crisis situation, these are the questions to be answered during the performance, while the script was written based on actors' improvisations. The distribution is: Balázs Attila, Bandi András Zsolt, Csata Zsolt, Éder Enikő, Mátrai Lukács Sándor, Tokai Andrea, Vass Richárd, Andrei Elek, Carmen Vlaga-Bogdan, Ninoslav Đorđević, Branislav Jerković and Dragana Šuša. At a deeper level, Schilling thinks that EXIT answers these questions: „How do we cope with a situation where we are trapped? How is a community formed? How are old relationships deconstructed in order to build new ones? How do we reshape our goals? What sacrifices do we make in order to survive?"

The Balkan Trafik! Festival is organised by Brussels „Bozar" Fine Arts Center, showcasing every year diverse events and performances in order to underline the diversity of the European space. The festival lasts from 24th to 28th April and is organised in various sections: music, theatre, cinema, literature, debates, folklore. The participation of the Csiky Gergely Hungarian State Theatre and Ioan Slavici Classical Theatre was possible thanks to the supportof the Romanian Cultural Institute

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