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Opening date: February 21 2009
Running time: 1h 35'

Scenario and stage direction: Peter Pashov − Zheni Pashova
Costume designer: Albert Alpár
Music composer: Cári Baczó Tibor


...Kiss Attila
...Kocsárdi Levente
...László Pecka Péter
...Lőrincz Rita
...Magyari Etelka
...Molnár Róbert
...Molnos András Csaba
...Szilágyi Ágota
...Tar Mónika
...Tankó Erika
...Nagy Sándor
...Oláh Anikó Katalin
...Vass Richárd

Amor omnia is a distinctive performance: non-verbal and metaphorical in displaying the perpetual theme of love which appears deciphered in many different perspectives. Rich in games of light and shadow, the spectacle emphasizes the visual language. Its structure is similar to that of a musical study and it is composed of many short scenes that are based on movement, revealing the communicative potential of the body. By means of this performance, the actors try to unveil the facets of love, proving that in order to transmit the message and the passion there are no linguistic barriers. The magic visual world of the show is completed by the music which is both recorded and performed live by the actors. Thus, Amor omnia is the result of a true teamwork, as well as the consonant blend of various stylistic means and expression.

Stage manager: Deák Irén
Photo: Nagy József
Poster: Albert Alpár
  • Winner of the Open Market for Performances in Sibiu, 2009
  • Thalia Special Prize at the 21st edition of the Festival of Hungarian Theatres at Kisvárda (Hungary)

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