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Tuncer Cücenoğlu

Translated by Szőllőssy Balázs

Opening date: November 4th 2016
Running time: 1h 20'

Directed by: Kedves Emőke
Set and costume design: Dorothea Iordănescu
Sound design: Dorothea Iordănescu
Video: Lucian Maximilian Matei
Light-design: Ștefan Iordănescu


Old womanÉder Enikő
Old manBandi András Zsolt
Young womanSimó Emese
Young manCsata Zsolt
ManKiss Attila
WomanBorbély B. Emília
MidwifeTar Mónika
PresidentVass Richárd
Guard #1Molnos András Csaba
Guard #2Lukács-György Szilárd

Can every aspect of life be governed? And what kind of life can we aspire to where even birth is looked upon with disdain? In a village where even the slightest noise can bring death, surrounded by snowy mountains, living under the constant threat of avalanche and death, people are forced to take measures and live by rules which, long-term, make life unbearable. Nine month of silence, three months of feasting, noise and life. In a world marked by the threat of danger, in a world coordinated by irrational fear, does a new life have the right to a personal truth?

Stage manager: Molnos András
Prompter: Czumbil Marika
Lights: Délczeg Andrei
Sound: Berindei Adrian
Poster: Benedek Levente
Photo: Petru Cojocaru, Lucian Maximilian Matei

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