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Coproduction with the Ioan Slavici Clasical Theatre from Arad and Sombor National Theatre

Opening date: May 21st 2017
Running time: 110 min

Directed by: Schilling Árpád
Written based on the improvisation of the actors by: Schilling Árpád, Láng Annamária
Dramaturg: Bíró Bence
Interpreter: Kedves Emőke, Molnár Zoltán
Production coordinator: Dobre Júlia, Fekete Réka, Gálovits Zoltán, Bojana Kovačević, Ságodi Ildikó


-Balázs Attila, Bandi András Zsolt, Csata Zsolt, Éder Enikő, Lukács Szilárd, Tokai Andrea, Vass Richárd, Andrei Elek, Carmen Vlaga-Bogdan, Ninoslav Đorđević, Branislav Jerković, Dragana Šuša

Somewhere in Great Britain economic migrants are locked up inside a theatre building that has been out of use. They have arrived from various Eastern European countries: they want both to get out and to get in somewhere. Those from outside have promised them that everything will be sorted out and that they should not do anything other than wait. We analyse this seemingly endless wait through seven scenes. This laboratory situation is perfectly suited for self-examination. It is about us, those from the East, those from the Balkans: the emigrating immigrants. What do we think of our reflexes, our habits, our inherited and learned behavioural patterns, our lack of trust, our prejudices, our fears and desires?

We are alike, we all desire love and safety. But the road to these desires can be very different. How do we cope with being locked up? How does community form? How do we tear down old relations in order to build up new ones? How do we reformulate our goals? What do we do, what do we sacrifice to survive? All these questions become especially interesting with regards to Hungarian-Romanian-Serbian relations. What memories and fixations determine these relations? How are ethnic and cultural differences overwritten by a crisis?

Performed in Hungarian, Romanian, Serbian and English with English, Hungarian and Romanian surtitles

Stage manager: Kertész Éva
Special thanks: Ghiță Nasta Adina, Horea Băcanu, Balla Tamás Kristóf, Dr. Bánki György, Halász Ferenc, Gregor Mayer, Schőn Edina, Szerda Zsófia, Tompa Andrea

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