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Frank Wedekind

Opening date: April 28 2017
Running time: 2h 20'

Directed by: Csábi Anna
Dramaturg: László Beáta Lídia
Set and costume design: Székedi Ágota Anna
Music composer: Ádám Rebeka
Stage movement: Szabó Franciska
Video: Keresztes Péter
Light-design: Délczeg Andrei


WendlaDaragus Anna
MelchiorAbai-Szabó Tamás
MoritzMatola Norbert
IlseLőrincz Rita
Hans RilowGelányi Bence
ErnstLukács Szilárd
LämmermeierMihály Csongor
Mrs. BergmannÉder Enikő
Mrs. Gabor, MarthaWessely Zsófia Anna
Mr. Gabor, The Doctor, The Masked ManKiss Attila

The play presents the destinies of several children, portrayed using relaxed lines and flowing scenes. Adults cannot comprehend this torment, even though they have already overcome such pain - good intentions are not enough, and the intelligence which wants to understand is helpless. When the catastrophe finally arrives, every parent is left hopeless and desperate. Only hazard will decide when will the catastrophe take place and which one of the school children will be hit, of all the pupils dominated by irrational school, ashamed of newly awaken instincts, yet driven by them. Neither good education, nor bad education can help. Life is a huge circus, where everyone is executing their own clown production with maximum dedication, and every number is also a lethal jump.
Lukács György

Stage manager: Molnos András
Prompter: Czumbil Marika
Sound: Coada Constantin
Poster: Benedek Levente
Photo: Bíró Márton

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