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Alan Alexander Milne

Translated by Karinthy Frigyes

Opening date: October 17th 2018

Directed by: Kedves Emőke
Set and costume design: Balázs Gyöngyi
Music composer: Csorba Lóránt
Animations: Bertóti Attila
Dramaturg: Bertóti Johanna


Winnie-the-PoohLukács-György Szilárd
PigletTar Mónika
RabbitÉder Enikő
EeyoreMolnos András Csaba
OwlBandi András Zsolt
KangaMagyari Etelka
The Roo twinMihály Csongor
The Roo twinTóth Eszter Nikolett / Vadász Bernadett
TiggerVass Richárd
Cristopher RobinBorbély Apor
Frida RobinRiskó Erna / Molnos Abigél

Cristopher Robin's friends, dearest characters from the Enchanted Forrest, usually live their everyday lives joyfully singing happy songs. But the order inside the Forrest is broken from time to time by unusual events, just like that time when Winnie-the-Pooh needed saving because he ate too much honey. Inside the Forrest, new characters appear, which might seem suspicious to several inhabitans. The characters start an adventure towards the North Pole, but they don't really know what an expedition is. Tiger wants to have breakfast, but nobody knows what a tiger's diet is.

We must warn the spectators that the performance will give them the opportunity to meet an elephant or a weasel - or even two.

The performance has a specific sense of humour and offers - for young and adult audiences alike - entertainment and relaxation, as well as novelty for the ones who are already familiar with the Enchanted Forrest, especially new songs.

Stage manager: Deák Irén
Prompter: Czumbil Marika
Poster: Benedek Levente
Photo: Mircea Gherase

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