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Thomas Vinterberg - Mogens Rukov

Translated by Boronkay Soma

Opening date: December 8th 2018
Running time: 1h45'

Directed by: Radu-Alexandru Nica
Set and costume design: Ioana Popescu
Director's assitant: Tokai Andrea


ErikBandi András Zsolt
AnnaÉder Enikő
EmmaVadász Bernadett
FrejaSzabó Abigél
OleKocsárdi Levente
VirgilAszalos Géza
DitteBorbély B. Emília
MonaTar Mónika
SteffenMolnár Bence

Anna and Erik turn their home into a social oasis where private property is inexistent - they invite five people to live together, with equal rights and obligations. The initially harmonious universe starts withering when Erik falls for the much younger Emma and wants her to join the commune. How will the relations inside the commune be reconfigured? What possitions will the other memebrs assume? Who will be forced to leave?


„The benefits of living together in a commune are numerous and we acutely miss them nowadays, when we live alienated, yet we cannot neglect the disadvantages - interpersonal relations, especially family relations, are redefined and the results can be unpredictible and often traumatizing. From that point of view, The Commune is a good stimulus for reflection about family problems in the 21st century and today's society crisis." (Radu-Alexandru Nica)


Thomas Vinterberg is the author of award-winning movies „Festen", „Jagten" and „Kollektivet". Alongise director Lars von Trier, in 1995 he founded Dogma ‘95, a movement which pleads for a type of cinematography freed from special effects and technology.

The performance was realised with support from Nordiska ApS and the Mayer-Szilágyi Theatre Agency in Budapest.

Recommended for spectators aged 14 and older

Stage manager: Kertész Éva
Lights: Gidó Zoltán
Poster: Benedek Levente
Photo: Petru Cojocaru

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