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Henrik Ibsen

Opening date: December 21 2018
Running time: 1h50'

Directed by: Tom Dugdale
Set designer: Albert Alpár
Costume designer: Carmencita Brojboiu
Music composer: Cári Tibor
Dramaturg: Demeter Kata


Jörgen TesmanMolnár Bence
Hedda GablerSimó Emese
Juliane TesmanSzász Enikő
Ejlert LøvborgAszalos Géza
Thea ElvstedLőrincz Rita
Judge BrackMátyás Zsolt Imre
BerteTar Mónika

I believed I would go wherever I wanted to go.

I believed I would love whoever I wanted to love.

I believed I would eat all I wanted to eat.

I believed I would sleep as much as I wanted to sleep.

I believed there would be no pain.

I believed people would listen when I spoke.

I believed I would love my family.

I believed I would love my life.


But I don't.

Henrik Ibsen's female characters crave for freedom and, burning down everything in their way, want to be torn apart from the moors of false pretences. Similarly, Hedda Gabler will not tolerate the surrounding hipocrisy and conventions, but she is as coward and false as the society she despises. Still, she can not escape the illusion that she herself has created, not even for the price of her own life.

The American director Tom Dugdale is already experienced in Hungarian theatres in Romania. Dugdale reconsiders classical texts, experiemting with them freely in order to bring them closer to the contemporary audience.

Stage manager: Kertész Éva
Prompter: Czumbil Marika
Lights: Gidó Zoltán
Sound: Meda Dávid
Poster: Benedek Levente
Photo: Petru Cojocaru

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