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Sergi Belbel

Translated by Bakucz Dóra

Opening date: 2019.11.13.
Running time: 2'30"

Directed by: Csábi Anna
Set designer: Albert Alpár
Costume designer: Lőrincz Rita
Music composer: Cári Tibor
Choreography: Baczó Tünde


The red-haired secretaryBorbély B. Emília
The dark-haired secretaryCsábi Anna
The blonde secretaryKeresztes Ágnes
The brown-haired secretaryLőrincz Rita
The executive managerTokai Andrea
The administrative managerAszalos Géza
The programmerKiss Attila
The delivery guyCsata Zsolt
The one who would like to smokeBandi András Zsolt

The action takes place on the 49th floor of an office building. All vices are forbidden, therefore smokers use to sneak here, climbing several floors in order to escape their offices and spend their gloomy work days covered in cigarette smoke and nicotine bliss. It is an antihuman environment, the employees are lonely, the secretaries are too chatty, relationships are superficial and, day by day, it is becoming more evident that not only human souls have gone dry, but also the Earth. About ten employees in a huge city gradualy populate the terrace, facing the nevrotic weather, looking at the sky and waiting for salvation: rain. It's been two years since the last rain.

Workaholism, divorce, intimate relations or missing a child, scheming at the office and searching for happiness under the pressure of a job - these are usually the subjects of Sergi Belbel's plays, which are constructed like a sequence of film frames. We hope that the dear spectator can step back from overtime work hours and laugh and cry at the characters which are similar to our co-workers.

The performance has English surtitles.

This project was co-financed by Hungary's National Culture Fund.

Stage manager: Pataki Anna-Mária
Light design: Gidó Zoltán
Sound: Meda Dávid
Photo: Petru Cojocaru
Prompter: Czumbil Marika

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