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Based on the animation About a Mother, by Dina Velikovskaya

Mamma Badu's children

Duration: 50'
Premier: 2024-01-31 (5 months ago)

Once upon a time there was a small village in the heart of Africa. There lived a mother and her three sons. They were very poor. But they had something: mother's beautiful hair, ebony-black, long as to reach one end of the village and the other. Her hair saved them from all their mishaps: when they were hungry, they could use it to fish, when they were bored, they would use it to jump rope, when it rained, they would hide under it. But one day, the boys grew up and leaft home in order to make a living... Will mother's hair keep protecting them?

Our performance talks about selfless love and looks for the answers to the question: what is the right way to love? Badu Mamma should learn how to love her children without smothering them, while the three boys need to know that leaving your home is not forgetting – and sometimes we must dare to ask for mother's help.

A nonverbal performance for ages above 5.


Balló Helga, Lukács-György Szilárd, Maria Leca, Mihály Csongor, Patricia Gavril, Vass Richárd


Director's assistantKedves Emőke
DramaturgNagy Orsolya
Set and costume designGrosschmid Erik
Music byKiss Erzsi
Composer's collaboratorsPápai István, Dudás Zsombor
Recording, mix, masterPápai István
Stage managerKertész Éva

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