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The sun's sister and starlight

Director: Balázs Attila
Premier: 2023-02-21 (1 year ago)

Under the direction of Attila Balázs, Mónika Tar skillfully evokes one of the most distinctive and culturally significant genres in Hungarian literature with great flair and naturalness.

Whether interpreting the various versions of folk ballads that have been handed down to us, such as "Júlia szépleány" or "Kőmíves Kelemenné" or the literary ballads of Arany János, like the widely quoted "Hídavatás" or "Ágnes asszony," Tar Mónika's performance stands out.

The concept of "balladic obscurity," and the genre features typical of ballads are not merely revisited but are placed in new interpretative frameworks during the performance. Simultaneously, the music composed by Balázs Márk and the animation created by Bálint Hunor construct a complex system of symbols around the figure of the performer. The performance re-creates the universe of the ballad at the level of the performed text but also by musicality and visuality.



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