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The Parallel City: Party in Elisabetin

Director: Ana Mărgineanu
Premier: 2023-07-21 (9 months ago)

The last part of the trilogy, “The Parallel City: Party in Elisabetin”, invites spectators to a secret party in an unknown location somewhere in Elisabetin neighbourhood. Four separate groups of spectators will be following key-characters on their way to the party: policeman Edgár (Viki's brother in “The Parallel City: Iosefin”), the party organiser Lela, deaf influencer XO, Beáta and János (from "The Parallel City: Fabric”). A fifth group will be escorted to an unknown location where unusual bouncers await. The party reunites both humans and parallelians and it can be explored like an open world which offers many surprises and revelations connecting the stories we learned so far and uncovering a path to the heart of the Parallel City. Like previous performances, a side quest will also be available online. The spectators are welcomed to explore Elisabetin landmarks and hear stories about people living here who have created parallel worlds.


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