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Director: Visky Andrej
Premier: 2022-10-21 (1 year ago)

Translated EN with surtitles

”Michelangelo Merisi, I was born in Caravaggio, Lombardia province, 25 degrees, 29 minutes, 52 seconds north latitude and 9 degrees, 38 minutes, 35 seconds east longitude. It had no seaside, so we had to leave. You can’t stop before you get to the sea. Take everything, and never return. I don't remember my first love. It wasn’t first love after all. Love conquers all. Love does not conquer all, hell no! I had foreseen the catastrophe from the very beginning, but I couldn’t prevent it, and in fact the catastrophe struck much too early for me to even be able to recognize it. Not the plague, I don’t mean the plague. The plague was conquered by Bishop Carlo in Milano. Bishop Carlo knew just how to conquer the plague. He stripped to his skin, put on a cloak of sackcloth and marched bare-headed and barefoot with a big wooden cross on his shoulders from the gate of the Duomo to the Basilica of San Ambroggio, famous for having an ancient Roman sarcophagus beneath the pulpit. At the head of the procession there were naked monks flogging themselves.Their bodies were trailed by altar-boys. The crowd of little black and white angels of\death followed with the censer, then Bishop Carlo, and finally, at a safe distance, the great multitude, the whole of Milano. Marching, silence, the slapping of whips on naked backs. Bishops Carlo’s mud-stained feet bleeding profusely. Real blood. Real silence. When he arrived, the anguished bishop climbed up  into the pulpit of the Basilica of San Ambroggio and said the plague dwells insidiously in your hearts, it emanates from there. But I will chase the plague out of your hearts and contain it in this sarcophagus so it can never get out. That was how Bishop Carlo conquered the plague. A naked bishop: a comforting spectacle. For me, at least, it's as good a proof as any for the existence of God.”




CaravaggioBalázs Attila
CeccoErdős Bálint
Onorio Longhi, Giovanni Baglione, Ranuccio TomassoniJancsó Előd
Fermo Merisi, Alfonso Tomassino, PapaKocsárdi Levente
Orazio Gentileschi, Del MonteBandi András Zsolt
Lena Antognetti, AngelVajda Boróka
Lucia Aratori, Fillide Melandroni, AngelBorbély B. Emília
Giuditta, Prudenzia Bruni, AngelMagyari Etelka / Vadász Bernadett


DramaturgVisky András
Stage designerSzabó Péter
Costume designerCsegöldi Erika
ComposerCári Tibor
ChoreographerSzekrényes László
Stage managerBálint Előd
PrompterCzumbil Marika

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