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Németh Ákos


Premier: 2011-10-14 (10 years ago)


BEA, horticultural salesgirlTar Mónika
ZSANETT, girl with autism, her halfsisterLőrincz Rita
NOÉMI, horticultural salesgirlTasnádi-Sáhy Noémi
MISTER BANDI, gardener, later unemployedBalázs Attila
MISTER SANYI, boss of a horticultureDukász Péter
MADAME RÁK, mother of Bea and Zsanett, religious goods sellerÉder Enikő
as well as the recorded voices of:Aszalos Géza
as well as the recorded voices of:Bandi András Zsolt
as well as the recorded voices of:Borbély B. Emília
as well as the recorded voices of:László Pecka Péter
as well as the recorded voices of:Tokai Andrea


Directed byNémeth Ákos
Set and costume designAlbert Alpár
DramaturgGálovits Zoltán
Director's assitantSzőke Zsolt
Stage managerDeák Irén
PrompterCzumbil Marika
PosterBenedek Levente
PhotoBíró Márton

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