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Future projects
based on the book I Was 12 Women by Forgách András

translation into Romanian by Kocsis Francisco

Opening date: September 21st 2018
Running time: 1h10'

Following performances:
Friday, November 5 2021, 18:00, Szkéné Színház
Friday, November 5 2021, 20:30, Szkéné Színház

Directed by: Csábi Anna
Set and costume design: Albert Alpár
Music: Constantin Coada
Light design: Gidó Zoltán


(Foam bath)Lőrincz Rita
(The bird-looking dog who loves his homeland)Csábi Anna
A tiny cosmic misunderstandingTankó Erika
(The twelfth)Borbély B. Emília

Have you ever felt that you are swelling and gaining weight when your are around your partner; or on the contrary, you become skinny living with a man or woman? What would you say if you were left with plus/minus 20 kg after a simple airplane flight? 

Here is another unusual situation: you want to become a singer, yet you find yourself in the restaurant-coach of a train going from Brasov to Budapest, selling expired meat for a limited period.

Why do you suddely miss someone who is nothing like your type, not to mention the endless cultural distance, for instance, he lives at the North Pole?

How can you make love in imponderability, like the austronauts live?

What can a true master offer?

Starting from the visual universe of magic reality, Forgách András created the world of the book I was 12 Women, probably inspired by the female nevous system thinking, which is less familiar to the author but it is considered to be more sensual. This is how texts become magical, in the same time presenting everyday issues with incredible humour. This performance presents the stories of several extraordinary women, interconnected with slow musical tunes and a dreamy setting designed by Albert Alpár. 

„Yes, I infamously cheated on Sanyi with Jacques, despite the fact that I promised complete honesty to Sanyi, yet I cheated on him because I don't believe in complete and exclusive honesty; it depends on the situation and circumstances." (Foam bath)

„I am anxious. I married an eskimo." (The bird-looking dog who loves his homeland)

„On my part, one of the obstacles was my marriage and two kids at home, who were at their most difficult age, while on Tom's part, besides his ill mother whom he adored, was the trivial obstacle, as he himself confessed, that he didn't have much to do with women before me (...)." (A tiny cosmic meeting)


Stage manager: Pataki Anna-Maria
Poster: Benedek Levente
Photo: Petru Cojocaru

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