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based on Neil Gaiman

Fortunately the Milk

Premier: 2015-04-21 (7 years ago)

Who would have thought that getting a box of milk from the corner shop can become an exciting adventure through time and space? Fortunately, dads are extremely ingenious and inventor-dinosaurs are truly pleasant companions.

Here is a true family story which honors dads’ smartness, tenacity and courage. Let’s take a bow for fathers who, regardless of the green men’s attacks, of the pirates’ sharp swords, of the fury of a God-volcano, do everything, even the impossible so that they go back home with a box of milk for their children!


Directed byIoan Brancu
Set & costume design / puppetsMarian Sandu
MusicCári Tibor
DramaturgIoan Brancu
Dramaturgy collaboratorOrbán Enikő
Director's assitantMaria Gornic
Stage managerSzilágyi Olga
PosterBenedek Levente
PhotoBíró Márton

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