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Liviu Lucaci


Translated by: Demény Péter
Premier: 2016-06-08 (5 years ago)
The performance speaks about love that is trying to break free from the gravity of history. A story about ghosts and endless love, happening in the attic of an old house. Vera and Luka, a couple in love, prior to getting married, are revisiting the past of their families, just to face the horrifying truth, filled with the sins and ghosts of their ancestors, a truth that turns out to be the biggest obstacle in the way of their future happiness.


Directed byLiviu Lucaci
Set and costume designRodica Elena Știrbu
Musical compilationBogdan Muscalu
Stage movementBaczó Tünde
Stage managerDeák Irén
PrompterCzumbil Marika
PosterBenedek Levente
PhotoBíró Márton

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