Little Shop of Horrors

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Howard Ashman - Alan Menken

Little Shop of Horrors

Translated by: Révész Mária
Premier: 2008-02-23 (14 years ago)


Directed byVas-Zoltán Iván m.v.
Set designerWerner József m.v.
Costume designerHúros Annamária m.v.
ChoreographyPataky Klára m.v.
DramaturgSzente Béla m.v.
Music conductorGulyás Levente m.v.
Chorus masterCsibi Andrea m.v.
Director's assitantAszalos Géza
Choreography assistantRadu Andreea m.v.
Light-designGidó Zoltán
The makers of Audrey 2.Majoros Gábor Ybl-díjas építész
The makers of Audrey 2.Majoros Nóra
Stage managerKertész Éva
PrompterCzumbil Marika
PhotoAntal Botond
Poster Fehérvári Zsolt

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