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Robert Icke
The Doctor

Next performance: 2022-Dec-17 19:00 (1 week from now) -

Visky András

Szabó Attila

coproduced with Tomcsa Sándor Theatre from Odorheiu Secuiesc

Peca Ștefan
The Parallel City: Fabric

Duration: 2h

Two sisters. In 2002, one of them disappears without a trace. 20 years later, her daughter, Agnes – not a teenager anymore – is still looking for her.

The Reformated Center holds the key of this mistery.

Janne Teller

Duration: 1h40'

Despite being banned at first, the novel NOTHING has later become a mandatory read for students. NOTHING tackles the uncomfortable, sensitive and difficult to articulate themes in teenagers' lives. Because we need to talk about certain topics, even when they seem to be nothing important.

Take it easy! Ltd.
Csak lazán!

Duration: 1h30'

Adrian Sitaru
The Man Who Could Talk Only What He Read

Duration: 1h50'

The characters are sitting around a table, discussing some of the most fundamental questions of human life. Is there such crime that can be morally justified? Can a murderer become a hero if the context of his crime justifies his act? Which one is more valuable, the life of a human being or the life of an animal? Along with these, Sitaru's text reflects on how our language, the words which we learn in early childhood, our daily vocabulary, can change or influence our individual perception of reality, our fantasies and rationality.
"The limits of my language are the limits of my world" - Ludwig Wittgenstein

Andrzej Saramonowicz
Testosteron (2020)

Duration: 2h

KORNEL: Testosterone, man. A very old chemical component, which is present in most vertebrates in the exact same form. It turns us into men. 
ROBAL: The male hormone. It makes us chase women since puberty till death. Because of it, we are constantly potential rapists and killers...

An audience favourite at the Hungarian State Theatre in Timisoara, „Testosterone" (2015), is now back with a new formula in the theatre's Main Hall.

Madách Imre, text version by Silviu Purcărete, Visky András
The Tragedy of Man

Duration: 1h50'
"The machine is running, the creator rests."
This classical line became a sentence and it expresses the compressed definition of modernity: The Creator set the grounds for the World, the Creator placed the Man in it, then they abandoned the Universe wandering in a meaningless, untroubled space. Still, Madách Imre goes beyond this global, mechanical and (from the contemporaries' standpoint) deeply depressing perspective - he understands history to be a satanic nightmare dreamt by Adam with us and for us. Lucifer's protests are in vain, the promise of salvation gives meaning and confidence in human existence. Eva is holding the promised Messiah under her heart - the Lovechild who replaces the dialectics of inventing the enemy and continuous confrontation with acceptance, the opportunity of human condition and its inspiring mission.


Kedves Emőke - Bandi András Zsolt - Mátyás Zsolt Imre
The Zeppelin Countess and the Vintage Furniture

Duration: 1h30min

It all comes to life in the circusman's corner at the Zeppelin Countess, while two comediants are searching for the answer to several important questions:

- Why are two people staring at a lake for days?
- What is life?
- A treasure hunt? An illusion chase?
- What does the man search for during a lifetime?
- Success?
- The answers to all their questions?
- Maybe even themselves?
- What does the actor search for during a lifetime?
- Success?
- The answers to all their questions?
- Maybe even themselves?
- If the man searches for wordlz treasures, what does the actor search for?
- How winding is the road to success?
- How much time/ experience does it take to do nothing, but have a great stage presence? What about being present in your life?
- Twenty five years?
- Thirty?
- Aurora borealis...

Two showmen are searching for 12 chairs and get entangled in this labyrinth of seemingly serious questions. They change costumes for twenty-five roles in a pure tragical-comical historical pastoral comedy.


Sergi Belbel
After the Rain

Duration: 2'30"
The action takes place on the 49th floor of an office building. All vices are forbidden, therefore smokers use to sneak here, climbing several floors in order to escape their offices and spend their gloomy work days covered in cigarette smoke and nicotine bliss. It is an antihuman environment, the employees are lonely, the secretaries are too chatty, relationships are superficial and, day by day, it is becoming more evident that not only human souls have gone dry, but also the Earth. About ten employees in a huge city gradualy populate the terrace, facing the nevrotic weather, looking at the sky and waiting for salvation: rain. It's been two years since the last rain.

Workaholism, divorce, intimate relations or missing a child, scheming at the office and searching for happiness under the pressure of a job - these are usually the subjects of Sergi Belbel's plays, which are constructed like a sequence of film frames. We hope that the dear spectator can step back from overtime work hours and laugh and cry at the characters which are similar to our co-workers.

The performance has English surtitles.

This project was co-financed by Hungary's National Culture Fund.

William Shakespeare
Romeo and Juliet

A story about the tragic love of two young people from Verona, whose families are opponents, „Romeo and Juliet", is one of most popular William Shakespeare's plays. No wonder, as this dramatic play has questions and issues for every age. The project was started by Kabóca Puppet Theatre and it gives life to puppets in an eternal story of love and hate, parents and children, right and wrong decisions and a conflicting world.

coproduced by Veszprém Petőfi Theatre and Kabóca Puppet Theatre (Hungary)


Duration: 1h 30'

What happened to fairy tales?

What happened to the swans?

What happened to the lake?

What happened to us?

When did we leave fairy tales without even noticing?

What do we believe in today, threading on the barren land which used to be a lake?

Are we still capable of telling fairy tales?

If we are, does what we say still resemble a fairy tale?

If it does, will our fairy tale have a happy ending?



Performed in Hungarian with and Romanian and English surtitles

Luigi Pirandello
Henry IV

The events in „Henry IV” happen 20 years before the action onstage, when a young aristocrat, taken away by his acting talent, suffers and accident during a carnival. He wakes up next day fully convinced that he is Henry IV, emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, whose life was marked by a series of conflicts with the Pope, and who is closely linked to the legendary Road to Canossa. Has he really gone mad or is he pretending? If he is mad, why does everyone around him participate in this madness? If this is just a game, how can it be so real? Who can clearly say where does normality end and madness begin?

Henrik Ibsen
Hedda Gabler

Duration: 1h 50'

Henrik Ibsen's female characters crave for freedom and, burning down everything in their way, want to be torn apart from the moors of false pretences. Similarly, Hedda Gabler will not tolerate the surrounding hipocrisy and conventions, but she is as coward and false as the society she despises. Still, she can not escape the illusion that she herself has created, not even for the price of her own life.

The American director Tom Dugdale is already experienced in Hungarian theatres in Romania. Dugdale reconsiders classical texts, experiemting with them freely in order to bring them closer to the contemporary audience.

Thomas Vinterberg - Mogens Rukov
The Commune

Duration: 1h45'

Anna and Erik turn their home into a social oasis where private property is inexistent - they invite five people to live together, with equal rights and obligations. The initially harmonious universe starts withering when Erik falls for the much younger Emma and wants her to join the commune. How will the relations inside the commune be reconfigured? What possitions will the other memebrs assume? Who will be forced to leave?


„The benefits of living together in a commune are numerous and we acutely miss them nowadays, when we live alienated, yet we cannot neglect the disadvantages - interpersonal relations, especially family relations, are redefined and the results can be unpredictible and often traumatizing. From that point of view, The Commune is a good stimulus for reflection about family problems in the 21st century and today's society crisis." (Radu-Alexandru Nica)


Thomas Vinterberg is the author of award-winning movies „Festen", „Jagten" and „Kollektivet". Alongise director Lars von Trier, in 1995 he founded Dogma ‘95, a movement which pleads for a type of cinematography freed from special effects and technology.

The performance was realised with support from Nordiska ApS and the Mayer-Szilágyi Theatre Agency in Budapest.

Recommended for spectators aged 14 and older

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