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Bertolt Brecht
The Caucasian Chalk Circle

In a time of oppression and war, a governor's wife flees the rebels, leaving her child behind, while a servant risks her life to save and raise the boy. After the rebellion is crushed, and justice is served, the mother reclaims her son. To whom does he belong? Can there be dignity and kindness in a world that is falling apart? Brecht's work unfolds in an exciting and provoking story that highlights the complexity of the human soul, the moral dilemmas that arise and the incompatibility between human nature and social norms. A performance about dignity, kindness and love.

William Shakespeare

Duration: 3h

A man lying in the sand. Washed up by the waves. There’s no knowing where he came from, where he is heading, what he wants or what he is fleeing from. Somewhere, in a distant land, he used to be king. The Prince of Tyre. But now he is only a man who has nothing but a story. This is Pericles’ story. But not only his.

3h, one intermission

Based on the animation Abouth a Mother, by Dina Velikovskaya
Mamma Badu's children

Duration: 50'

Once upon a time there was a small village in the heart of Africa. There lived a mother and her three sons. They were very poor. But they had something: mother's beautiful hair, ebony-black, long as to reach one end of the village and the other. Her hair saved them from all their mishaps: when they were hungry, they could use it to fish, when they were bored, they would use it to jump rope, when it rained, they would hide under it. But one day, the boys grew up and leaft home in order to make a living... Will mother's hair keep protecting them?

Tomi Janežič, Simona Semenič

Duration: 4h30'

Theatre performance “1978” directed by Slovenian theatre director Tomi Janežič at Timisoara Hungarian Theatre is about Romania in the 70s, a trans-generational documentary fiction based on actors’ and director’s personal stories. It is a story about communist times, which grows out of a Romanian apartment, a story related to many local and global events that connect the regions of Timisoara and Nova Gorica (Slovenia) - on the border with Italy - cities that were both part of the same country once upon a time: the Austro-Hungarian empire. More then hundred years ago dozens of thousands of Hungarian soldiers fought at Isonzo front.

The Parallel City: Party in Elisabetin

The last part of the trilogy, “The Parallel City: Party in Elisabetin”, invites spectators to a secret party in an unknown location somewhere in Elisabetin neighbourhood. Four separate groups of spectators will be following key-characters on their way to the party: policeman Edgár (Viki's brother in “The Parallel City: Iosefin”), the party organiser Lela, deaf influencer XO, Beáta and János (from "The Parallel City: Fabric”). A fifth group will be escorted to an unknown location where unusual bouncers await. The party reunites both humans and parallelians and it can be explored like an open world which offers many surprises and revelations connecting the stories we learned so far and uncovering a path to the heart of the Parallel City. Like previous performances, a side quest will also be available online. The spectators are welcomed to explore Elisabetin landmarks and hear stories about people living here who have created parallel worlds.


The Great Onion

There is no space in the Great Onion for liars, bad citizens, unskilled citizens or citizens without valid documents.


Next performance: 2024-Jun-20 19:00 (4 days from now) - Main Hall

"In Birds by Aristophanes, two men who are exhausted from living in endless wartime, decide to build Cloud-cuckoo-land, the first utopia in art history. 2500 years later, we are still living in an endless war, which only changes its shape and territory, we are tired, defeated and dreaming of a personal utopias. What is next? Is it still possible to create a world where everyone is equal, where there is no war, no fighting? If so, why can't we make it happen?” - Kokan Mladenović, director

The sun's sister and starlight

Under the direction of Attila Balázs, Mónika Tar skillfully evokes one of the most distinctive and culturally significant genres in Hungarian literature with great flair and naturalness.

The Doctor

Robert Icke's play is an adaptation of Arthur Schnitzler's "Professor Bernhardi” (1912): Ruth Wolff, doctor and acknowledged researcher, is cast aside from the medical profession due to a decision she made to protect a dying underaged pacient. This case triggers an avalanche of aggressive reactions and biased comments, mirroring rules of political correctness and the woke culture in today's polarized world, a world divided in tribes, "us versus the others”, where morality is defined by circumstances. Social networks dictate how we live, as well as racial, sexual, political or gender identities. Whatever you dare not talk about at work fearing you might be cancelled, it is safe to discuss in theatre: we allow ourselves to confront this world's prejudice and lies. 


Next performance: 2024-Jun-29 21:00 (1 week from now) - Esztergom Castle Theater

Translated EN with surtitles


coproduced with Tomcsa Sándor Theatre from Odorheiu Secuiesc

Peca Ștefan
The Parallel City 2: Fabric

Duration: 2h

Two sisters. In 2002, one of them disappears without a trace. 20 years later, her daughter, Agnes – not a teenager anymore – is still looking for her.

The Reformated Center holds the key of this mistery.

Meeting place: vaporetto stop „Corneliu Coposu”.

Translated to EN via headphones using an app.

Peca Ștefan
The Parallel City 1: Iosefin

Duration: 1h30'

Janne Teller

Duration: 1h40'

Despite being banned at first, the novel NOTHING has later become a mandatory read for students. NOTHING tackles the uncomfortable, sensitive and difficult to articulate themes in teenagers' lives. Because we need to talk about certain topics, even when they seem to be nothing important.

Take it easy! Ltd.
Csak lazán!

Duration: 1h30'

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