Dear spectators,


Mon-Fri 1 pm - 7 pm

and 2 hours before performances during the weekend or mornings



Please check which performances have English translation!



The law grants access for disabled citizens to performances at Csiky Gergely Hungarian State Theatre, based on prior notification.

In an effort to support disabled citizens, the Csiky Gergely Hungarian State Theatre abides by art. 21 in Law nr. 448/2006, thus dedicating 4 seats in the Main Hall and 2 seats in the Studio Hall for disabled people during all events and performances organized by our theatre.

Citizens with severe disability and accompanying people are granted free access to our performances, while citizens with moderate and mild disability will use the same discount which applies to school and college students and retired citizens.

Benefiting from a discount or free admission, as well as access to performances, is only possible by using a personal ID and notifying the Theatre at least 4 days in advance.

We need to emphasize that the accompanying person is fully responsible for any behavior of the disabled person which might be triggered by the performance before, during and after the performance. The theatre will not be held responsible.

The access to our performances is possible only based on ID of the disabled citizen as well as the ID of the accompanying person.